Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Short Story from Houston

Kate and I are back from Houston; John is still in the van in Colorado, last I heard.  We bought a lot of fabric at Quilt Market; mostly batiks and can't wait until it starts arriving. 

Here are some photos from Houston.  We aren't allowed to take photos of the IQA winners but here is the web address  (thanks to Linda!)  Winners  We have sponsored the "Merit Hand Quilting" category for many years, reflecting John's love of hand quilting.

There were lots of quilters at the show; it was really crowded every day but Sunday.  I always enjoy the Award Ceremony where the category winners are revealed and you get a chance to see the quilts up close and meet the winners. 

When Kate and I got back to Billings, I continued to Red Lodge and came back to work in the morning.  It started snowing about 4 pm and we had 3 - 4 inches by morning, hurray!


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Here are the winners