Thursday, May 7, 2009


We needed a photo of the Multi-Frame and the Oak Frame Stand for some publicity that is coming up so we set up the camera and John got in to his rocking chair. It relaxes him so much to hand quilt and I wanted to share the picture with you. Don't we all wish we had time to just sit and quilt.

If you follow the blog much, you'll know I am crazy about wildlife and have a special interest in the deer who wander here and there around our house. There is a spot about a mile from us where the deer regularly cross the highway - thank goodness no one is going fast enough that close to town to hit them. This spot is also very close to one of the motels. We were driving by last summer and watched a woman with her camera (could have been me!) creeping up on a doe who was watching her from behind a low wire fence. Creeping up so carefully and completely unaware of the yearling that was creeping up right behind her to join it's mother. She never did see the deer right behind her.


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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your story about the Doe. Last summer we were up close and personal with a young buck. We had decided to drive around the west shore of Dickey Lake, just north of Whitefish. We had just broken through the trees when this young buck leaped from the hillside directly over the hood of our car. Fortunately he cleared us. I did not want a new hood ornament. I am in awe of John's talent. So glad he is not afraid to share it. Thank you . . .