Thursday, May 21, 2009

Small Accomplishments

Since strawberries are in season, we experimented with berries, Devonshire Cream and angel food cake. We liked the cake better than the meringues I made - they were very sweet and took away from the berries. We also tried rhubarb; now that's tart!

John put a little 3" Wheel of Mystery pre-cut kit together and got it quilted and bound! It is 12" x 15". We have noticed that quilters really like the miniature pre-cut kits - they sell out first at shows. They are very cute - they take a long time for us to get boxed up but we love them too.

I have been riding my new bike. I am getting better but feel really intimidated when the packs of serious bikers with their yellow windbreakers all cruise by me with no effort, uphill. Well, someday I may get there.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend.



PattiCakes said...

My heritage is Pennsylvania Dutch, or more correctly, Pennsylvania German. A real sign of spring & early summer is the strawberry-rhubarb pie. The strawberries cut the tartness of the rhubarb & the rhubarb gives the filling body. It's almost always made as a 2-crust pie, but many times the top crust is a lattice. I'm 63 years old, and have rhubarb in my garden that my mother dug up from my grandmother's garden in up-state Pennsylvania back in the 1940's. It doesn't yield much anymore because the location has become too shaded over the years, but we sure do look forward to that one special pie every summer.

Rachel said...

This quilt is wonderful! The colors are very nice. I have not really tried curved piecing before. Will have to try it some time.

Flynn Quilt Frame Company said...

PattiCakes - I love this story and memory. We are going to harvest the rhubarb next week to make jam - it will be nice to have this winter. Take care Brooke

PattiCakes said...

Rachel, if you want to try curved piecing, try one of John's kits. I took 2 of his classes at the Lancaster Quilter's Heritage show, and had never done curved piecing either. His kits are so well engineered that they peices go together easily. They give you the success you need to try more!