Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Game Time

Not a lot of sewing went on this weekend; mostly eating, bike riding and, in John's case, a marathon session of tree clearing and grubbing. He managed to rescue the horse shoe pits from about 6 years neglect. Rock Creek is right over the bank to the left in this picture. It is a steep drop and the creek is very high right now, so, if a shoe accidentally goes into the creek, it's there until the stream level drops. Just adds a little excitement to the game.

John got his 30 year old Schwinn bike repaired and aired up and rode with me all three days this holiday. Well, he rode with me until I had to stop and then went on way up the road. He was really going fast on the way back down the hill. It was just beautiful weather this weekend and we even got a little barbecuing in.

Tomorrow I put John on the plane for the North Carolina Quilt Symposium - his classes are full and the quilters seem to be excited for him to come. We still need to pack his quilts - which ones get to go and which ones have to stay?


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Vivian said...

It must be contagious-I got my 20 year old bike cleaned up and got new tires on it so I can ride! Makes you feel like a kid again!